Why Acola kids nursery?

Acola kids nursery follows the EYFS framework to ensure all children go through the government set curriculum. But we don't stop there, we are a stimulating and vibrant setting with engaging & sensory activities where the child's curiosity and learning is enhanced.
We simply make your child a Captain of tomorrow's ship!

Stimulating setting

Stimulating & Vibrant

Healthy eating

Healthy Eating

Engaging & Stimulating activities

Engaging & Sensory

Play, Learn & Explore!!!

Limited spaces available for September. Book today!!!

London’s #1 green nursery

Acola Kids is an ofsted registered nursery offering childcare services for 2-5 years old children. We are conveniently located in the heart of Chiswick Oasis offering a clean air environment, a conducive place for your child to play, learn, explore and grow. With more than 12,000 plants along the perimeter of our playground, Acola Kids is the only green nursery in the area.

Our nursery opens as early as 07:30, giving you extra time to travel to work. Your child will spend the day with our experienced staff who look forward to help your child achieve his or her learning objectives while having fun.

For a limited time only, There will be no registration fee!

Mayor Sadiq Khan opens Acola kids
Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan opening Acola kids.
The Chiswick Oasis wall
Approximately 130m wall with more than 12k plants
A vibrant & Stimulating setting
Accelerates Child learning & development.

Book your place now!!!

Limited spaces available for September.

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