Food Menu

At Acola Kids, we pride ourselves on providing weekly rotating menus, full of seasonal, nutritious and fresh meals. We consider mealtimes to be an important part of your child’s day, not only nutritionally, but socially too.

Our on-site chef provides the children with breakfast, a freshly-cooked lunch, a mid-afternoon snack and a freshly cooked dinner from a menu full of variety, new tastes and flavours. We created our food menu based on the Mayor of London’s Healthy Eating London Programme, which also caters for Halal, Vegetarian as well as any dietary requirements and preference.

Food can help develop your child’s taste buds and provide them with the energy for a busy day full of play, activities, and learning.

Sample Acola Kid's Menu

Planned to provide 20% of a child’s nutritional requirements(Please speak with person in charge for allergen information)
Malt wheat cera; with milk and sliced banana

Crumpet and spread
Cornflakes with milk,raisins

White toast and spread
Wholemeal bread and spread

Wheat biscuit with milk

White toast and spread
Crisped rice cereal and milk

Wholemeal toast and spread
Mid-morning Snacks
Planned to provide 10% of a child’s nutritional requirements

Breadsticks and mixed vegetable sticks

MIlk or Water

Toasted crumpet, spread

MIlk or Water

Yoghurt and sliced grapes

MIlk or Water

Wholemeal toast with spread

MIlk or Water

Banana Slices

MIlk or Water
Planned to provide 30% of a child’s nutritional requirements

Thai chicken curry ( or Thai tofu curry) with white rice

Seasonal fruit salad

Creamy chicken and leek hotpot (or Quorn and leek hotpot) with broccolli

Fruit and Jelly

Sweet and sour tofu with noodles

Seasonal fruit salad

Roast chicken, baby new potatoes and gravy. (Quorn, baby new potatoes and gravy)

Yoghurt and dates

Fish fillet and pea risotto (or bean and pea risotto)

Baked apple with cinnamon
Mid-afternoon Snacks
Planned to provide 10% of a child’s nutritional requirements

Cheese(sliced or cut into sticks) and sliced tomatoes

Crackers with soft cheese

Carrot batons

Sweetcorn and diced pepper

Cucumber slices

Planned to provide 20% of a child’s nutritional requirements

Bean and tomato gnocchi bake

Strawberry frozen yoghurt

Tuna fishcake(or potato and lentil cakes)

Seasonal fruit salad

Pasta with beans and peas

Rice pudding with peach purée

Wholemeal English muffin pizza with various toppings

Banana Slices

Crustless quiche with potato salad and pepper sticks

Apple slices and raisins

By scheduling regular meals and snack times, we give children the opportunity to learn good table manners, promote healthy lifestyles and well being, and understand the importance of fresh food. Through our menus and our fresh fruit and vegetables supplied by local business, we aim to meet the full requirements of the Statutory Framework for the EYFS, by providing nutritionally balanced meals that meet the children’s individual dietary and religious needs